Workshop Opportunity with author Paula Cisewski - June 7 to August 2, 2017

Wednesdays, June 7-August 2, 2017 (no class July 19), 6:30-8:30 pm: 2 SPOTS LEFT--REGISTER SOON!

Genre Benders: Paula Cisewski runs this very small private workshop for intermediate to advanced writers who are interested in blurred genres or in crossing genre (from poetry to prose or vice versa). We'll focus on writers who make it seem effortless: Claudia Rankine, Brian Blanchfield, Eleni Sikelianos, Bhanu Kapil, and Anne Carson, for example. For eight  2-hour sessions, we'll read and discuss prose, poetry, and hybridic texts by one or two authors each week, I'll give a mini craft talk, and we'll generate writing based on prompts. Just $20 at the start of each single 2-hour session or $150 for all eight, if paid in advance. Contact Paula at to reserve your spot! Visit