From one Red Bird author to another...

One of the beautiful things that keeps me so energized about the work we at Red Bird do is the fact that our authors care deeply for one another's work.  Day after day as I read manuscripts, receive queries, and see what our authors are up to online I feel a deep sense of community and I am ever grateful for that.  

This morning, during my morning mental stroll through Facebook I stumbled across a post by Donna Vorreyer about a recently published collection: Kathleen Kirk's "The ABCs of Women's Work."  And again in my email this morning a link to the post.  One author engaging with and sharing the work of another.  True community.  

You can check out Donna's post here.  And her chapbooks, "The Imagined Life of the Pioneer Wife" and "Encantado" are available in our Offerings, as is Kathleen's collection.  Two of Red Bird's many talented authors, connecting with one another, their collections ready to connect with you.