Misplaced Sinister


48 pages
8.5" x 7" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published December 2015



I knew from the first time I read Misplaced Sinister that we would publish it.  Each reading clung to me for days afterwards.  The story compelling, the language haunting.  The author's poetic sensibilities amplify the narrative - her syntax, phrasing, and image choices deftly working together.  Like the opening to the prose here: 

"Walking a curved path, a person can believe she follows in the footsteps of someone ahead of her, a lost brother for example, but it might be an illusion. Or, how recursive, an alternate version. Later on in her story, that person can believe she’s escaped her labyrinth simply because she has stopped retracing, stopped running back then returning. She’s fled to a new city, raised a son of her own. This new freedom might also be an illusion."

I found, page after page, that the author was inviting me to see the story from her perspective, to watch her grow and adapt and respond to the goings on around her, to remember that once I journeyed to the center there would be a way back.