Meet the Flock: Helen Wick

Name: Helen Wick

Role at Red Bird: Designer, Production Assistant

How I became involved with Red Bird and why I agreed to do it:
I started at Red Bird in the fall of 2016 as a publishing intern and took to design immediately. I have a background in bookmaking and letterpress art, so working in digital graphic design provides a new challenge for me. I love the process of reading a manuscript and transforming it into a physical object.

Recent Red Bird project(s):
I am currently in the process of designing Staircases Will Outnumber Us, Lama Mountain and I am on the team to bring back the Broadside Project.

A little about my own work and what I am currently working on:
I am working on a series of epistolary poems that has a heavy visual component. My art has always been experimental in practice, and the winter months have forced me to be creative in the enclosed space of my apartment.

My favorite thing(s) that can be found in the public domain:

Early experimental photographs, old cyanotype prints.