Meet the Flock: Brad Braund

Name:  Brad Braund

Role at Red Bird:  Designer, Harp Player (occasionally at local Red Bird events)

How I became involved with Red Bird and why I agreed to do it:
Sarah asked me to do a cover design when Red Bird was a little light on designers. I had a good experience and I liked that in helping Red Bird I was also helping authors get their work out in the world. So I agreed to stay on.

Recent Red Bird project(s):
Design work for the Broadside Project and cover designs for If You Wave A Chicken Over Your HeadA Guide to Strange PlacesCoyotes I Couldn't See, and Because I Can See Needing a Knife

A little about my own work and what I am currently working on:
I am currently designing artwork for Red Bird and Poems by Post. I also play several musical instruments my current favorite being a cross-strung Celtic harp, made by a local harp maker, Stoney End Harps, at Hobgoblin Music in Red Wing, MN.

My favorite thing(s) that can be found in the public domain:

Well the things I like that are available to the public are Gimp (an open-source photo editing program), Blender (a 3d creative suite), SoundCloud (a website that streams audio) and generally every creative person I run across on the internet. I truly believe the world is a better place when we all take the time to create beauty in our lives, in whatever form that may be.