How to Live: An Introduction


Non Fiction
48 pages
5.5" by 7" single signature with hand sewn binding
Published March 2016

How to Live:  An Introduction is a collection of aphorisms that begs to be read and reread.  A rumination on being, a work that circles "thinking about thinking", this chapbook is a must-read for anyone looking to dig a little deeper or reach a little further toward thoughtfulness, existence, the self, or even how to live.  A wonderful gift of introspection, questioning, and quick observation, Parker's collection is one that any thinker will enjoy reading one, two, or hundreds of times. 

from "Prelude to a Manifesto"

... The human being, trembling beneath the burden of being, calls out: Please. There is a response. Or perhaps an echo. Or maybe there was no response. The human being is uncertain. The human being—what?—continues . . . and eventually encounters other human beings. They interrupt the silence with words. They speak. One of the humans says to the others, Let me tell you a story. They listen. After the story is told, another human says, Thank you for this story. Here is another. They go on this way, they go on.  ...