Drive By Shoes

I was driving along the freeway today
listening to MPR’s debate
on the threat of ISIS, terrorists enlisting
even from this state of Minnesota nice

when a Dodge Caravan speeding past
rolled down its window
and out soared a single shoe.
No explanation or apology,

no brake lights signaling
a change of heart,
just an errant loafer discarded
for not carrying its weight.

So this is how it happens, I thought
recalling the sight of another lone shoe
kicked to the median strip
of our shoe lined interstates,

while its counterpart
of sole and heel
trembles on the floorboard,
a last ditch effort to escape detection.

- DJ Hill

DJ Hill’s poetry, freelance writing, and photography have appeared in Maple Grove, Southwest Metro, St. Croix Valley, St. Louis Park, and White Bear Lake magazines; The Atrium, The Century Times, FULCRUM, and Red Flag Poetry journals; and the poetry anthology The View from Here: Poetry to Help You Soar. She served on the editorial advisory board of White Bear Lake magazine and as assistant poetry editor at Runestone Literary Journal. She lives in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado with her husband and a yard full of mule deer.