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We're thrilled that Poets House featured a picture of our collection Devotional (Randon Billings Noble, 2017) in their section on artist books.  You can read the full article here.

Devotional was one of several titles we provided to the Poets House this spring to be featured in their annual showcase.  Featured titles included:

Drowning Ophelia by Carolyn Agee
It's All Tangled in the Sweat on My Neck by James Croteau
Lama Mountain by Miriam Sagan
Notations: The Imagined Diary of Julian of Norwich by Alice-Catherine Jennings
Devotional by Randon Billings Noble
River Triptych by Jayne Marek
The Heart Beat of Wings by Margot Fortunato Galt
On Passing by JD Hegarty
Shift Work by Laura-Gray Street
dear little fist by Jeanie Tomasko
Blood by Elizabeth Dingmann Schneider

This year was our third year providing books for the annual showcase.  We are very grateful to the Poets House for featuring our authors' collections.  

Image Credit: Poets House website.