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Red Bird authors to read at Artista Bottega on Friday, February 26, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Please join Red Bird Chapbooks at Artista Bottega for an evening of poetry and prose Friday, February 26, 2016 beginning at 7:00 pm. This event will feature five local Red Bird authors – Louis Murphy, Matt Mareck, James C Henderson, Donna Isaac, and Paula Cisewski.

Artista Bottega
937 7th Street West
Saint Paul MN 55102

Louis Murphy’s “From Hand to Hurt to Held” is an aching lyric collection that takes the reader through a series of emotional peaks and troughs. The beauty Murphy offers in both language and image buoy the reader up to enjoy the sun as his candid, straightforward voice plunges the reader into the depths of grief and depression. This is a world where mothers build castles to protect their children, a world where the dead walk in radiance on tracks in the backcountry, and a world where we are constantly reaching for a moon that will never be within our reach.

Matt Mareck’s “The Nerd Factory” looks at comic books as art form and literature. Mareck considers the serious side of comic books with just enough humor to keep it fun. The collection includes an author vetted list of the best comic books – recommendations on what to read and which to collect.

James C Henderson's "Chasing Delight" is a reminder that each day, year, decade, life is made up of small, individual moments. These moments, these little interactions, have incredible power if we see them for the wonders they are. If we consider how each builds and adds to the sum of our whole, our happiness, our contentment, our lives. James writes of the moments of his life vividly, compassionately, and also with a wry sense of humor that reminds us not to take ourselves or our lives too seriously.

Donna Isaac’s “Holy Comforter” is a collection of poetry reflecting a childhood steeped in memories of growing up in Southern landscapes and the attendance of Catholic elementary schools. The collection weaves together small snapshots of people and places long gone with new‐found discoveries of spirituality.

Paula Cisewski's "Misplaced Sinister" is a collection of lyric prose that explores (among other things) family, relationships, handedness, language, history, and mythology. Paula's poetic sensibilities amplify the narrative ‐ her syntax, phrasing and image choices deftly working together.

Looking forward to 2016

2015 was a very busy year for our editors and designers.  We released 29 chapbooks and ended the year with another 8 in the works. 

We also received over 250 possibilities and our editors read and considered them, selecting another 26 manuscripts to publish in 2016.  Forthcoming titles include:

                The Dancing House by Janet McCann
                The Thumbelina Poems by Merie Kirby
                Trees in Our Dooryards by Sonja Johanson
                Catalpa by Jamie Buehner with illustrations by Susan Solomon
                The Liturgy of Smell by Kennedy Gisege
                A Little Book of Abundance: an anthology of poetry edited by Margaret Hasse
                With Our Lungs in Our Hands by Bethany Lee
                Because I Can See Needing a Knife by Noah Stetzer
                Coyotes I Couldn’t See by Brian Beatty
                The Deliberate Speed of Ghosts by Maggie Rosen
                Gathered Bones are Known to Wander by Amy Friedman
                The Landscape of the Body by Nancy Shih-Knodel
                The Rough Edge of Joy by Francine Tolf
                The Divorce Suite by Jose Araguz
                Elements and Briars by Kindra McDonald
                It’s All Tangled in the Sweat on My Neck by James Croteau
                An Alphabet for Aging: 26 Cinquains by Joan Johnson
                Yes I Know You Can’t Drive Across the World by Daniel Pereyra
                Rosehill by Donald Gecewicz

                The Lawless River by Shaun Turner
                The Lovesong of Smith Oliver Smith by Martin Barkley
                A Guide to Strange Places by Kelly Magee
                Where There is Ruin by Samuel Snoek-Brown
                Wave a Chicken Over Your Head by Alison Morse
                Field Trips with Exceptional People by Andrew Bode-Lang
                Breakneck Cove by David Oppegaard

Non Fiction
                A Sleep and a Forgetting by Matthew Mareck
                Looking to the Sky by Natalie Cunningham
                The House of Nails: Notes on a New Delhi Childhood by Sayantani Dasgupta
                Histories I do(not) Belong To by Gwendolyn Edward
                How to Live: An Introduction by Scott Parker
                A Thousand Sunsets by Paul VanDyke

                Where in the World is Red Bird by Alice Oleson
                Phenomenology of Superhero by Jason Magabo Perez


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