Meet the Flock: Anna Dielschneider

Name: Anna Dielschneider

Role at Red Bird: Designer and Artist 

How I became involved with Red Bird and why I agreed to do it: 
In 2014, I responded to Red Bird's call for an artist to design a new banner and logo for them to use and to debut at the AWP Conference.  My response is tree and bird that you see on Red Bird's webpage, business cards and bookmarks, and Facebook page. 

I was drawn toward the mission of Red Bird and the way they value the intersection of art and design.   

Recent Red Bird project(s):
I did the art for The Thumbelina Poems by Merie Kirby (forthcoming Spring 2016)

A little about my own work and what I am currently working on:
I'm currently doing graphic design work. I recently earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline, and I'm in a creative replenishment stage. Someday soon, I'll write and do art again. 

My favorite thing(s) that can be found in the public domain:
Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)