A Room Full of Trees


Cover art by Carl Huelsman
44 pages
8.5" x 5.5" with hand sewn binding
Published February 2014

"Robert Walicki explores the spaces between touch, whether comforting or abusive, as well as the spaces in which touch is impossible.  In crystalline language that—like Frost unbound from rhyme—borrows from yet transcends the vernacular and draws striking comparisons between nature and human experience, Walicki invites us to two very different wakes, scenes of childhood innocence lost, and a house that continues to exist only in imagination. Mourning for a father gone too soon is evoked in the making of a scarecrow:

She doesn’t know I’m building a man,
stuffing him with dead things—
Hay on a stacked pile, loose shoots of grass/cut to exactness. 


A Room Full of Trees is a haunting and accomplished debut."                                                                                        Angele Ellis